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We provide house owners with the alternative energy. Our individual approach, cutting-edge equipment and professionalism allow us to make it easy and profitable.

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Дом с панелями


Расчет и монтаж солнечных электростанций от SUNSAY Energy
Солнечные панели от SUNSAY Energy
Солнечные батареи для станций под зеленый тариф
Солнечные электростанции для дома

Why choose SUNSAY Energy


We are already convinced that our stations are 20% more efficient. And that means you'll earn more with us. Tell us how we did it.

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  • We work on
    the model of ISO 9001

    We have standardized all our processes according to the ISO 9001 certification. SUNSAY Energy engineers have been trained in the US and Europe. High qualification of installation teams allows to carry out projects not only in Ukraine, but also in the territory of the European Union

  • We use
    specialized software

    We have mastered and use licensed software: Pix4D, PVSyst, SketchUP, AutoCAD. Our designers take into account all possible features of the roof. This means that we determine the performance of the future station as accurately as possible.

  • We select
    quality equipment

    To implement our projects, we select innovative equipment of the new generation. This allows SUNSAY Energy engineers to model 15-20% higher-generation stations at the same power.

Зелений тариф

Stages of work

1 Introduction
2 Calculations
3 Coordination
4 Installation
5 Counter
6 Commissioning
7 Green tariff
1 Introduction
2 Calculations
3 Coordination
4 Installation
5 Counter
6 Commissioning
7 Green tariff

Benefits of SUNSAY Energy

We are the company that will make your experience of installing
a solar station productive and easy.

  • Service

    We like the approach when everyone is happy with cooperation. Therefore, our entire team is trying to 100% solve customer problems.

  • Decor

    Our managers will not only talk about all the features of station registration and the “green” tariff, but they will do it for you.

  • Warranty

    We provide a guarantee for equipment and installation up to 20 years. If a warranty case arises, then we solve it ourselves.

  • Installation

    Our company has its own installation teams, so we are confident in the quality of the installation of stations.

  • Logistics

    We purchased our freight transport and warehouse, which allows us to be always on time.

  • maintenance

    We provide after-sales service.

Sets of Solar power plants

  • Sale of electricity at the «green« tariff
  • Payback from 5 years
  • Possibility of step-by-step increase of capacity
from $719 / kW
  • Reserve power supply at home
  • Savings on own consumption
  • Sale of electricity at the «green« tariff
from $989 / kW
  • Power supply at home 24/7
  • Additional capacity of power supply
  • Sale of electricity at the «green« tariff
from $1 499 / kW

Samples of Solar power plants

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