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Providing electricity supply during short-term power cutoff in the network

Дом с панелями
Stay comfortable and use internet and other home appliances during short but untimely power cutoffs in the power grid. As this power plant is hybrid, you also get the opportunity to sell surplus power at a green tariff.


Distribute the indicators based on your own needs for household appliances, and find out the cost price of such power plant. Additional slider boxes will help you assess the prospect of connecting to the green tariff.
Estimated installation cost:
Money earned at connecting Green tariff: / annually
Reserve capacity


Brain of the power plant. Its main function is to convert the direct current (DC) into the alternating current (AC) and set the operating mode of the station

  • fronius
  • huawei
  • solar edge

Heart of the power plant. They absorb sunlight and convert it into a direct electric current.

  • ja solar
  • longi solar
  • canadian solar
  • sunpower
  • jinco solar
  • qcells

Muscles of power station. Solar energy is converted and accumulated in batteries, thanks to this the house is self-powered and does not depend on the network.

  • LG
  • BYD
  • pylon tech

Skeleton of the power plant. We use anodized aluminum structures that guarantee durability for the next 20 years.

Stages of work

1 Acquaintance

We study - 3 days
  • We analyze the design features of the house
  • take measurements of the roof using a drone
  • designing a 3D model.
We count - 3 days
  • we develop solutions for your home
  • we select equipment
  • preparing a detailed project description

2 Setting

We agree - 10-45 days
  • We are preparing a complete package of technical documentation
  • We accompany the process of coordinating the connection scheme with the electricity supplier
Cooking equipment - 3 days
  • We mount and connect equipment
  • We submit documents and accompany the installation procedure of the meter by the Electricity Provider

3 Connection

We connect - 2 days
  • We connect the power plant to a common network
  • We conduct the final testing.
"Green tariff" - 22-35 days
  • We accompany the process of concluding a contract for the sale of generated electricity to a common network between you and the Electricity Provider


Every year we conduct a full inspection of the power plant, analyze the efficiency of modules using the thermal camera, check commutation and test the inverter at different load regimes.

Due to regular service maintenance we can provide a guarantee for installation up to 10 years. In addition, an official manufacturer guarantee is valid for all equipment.

We provide equipment with a smart monitoring system so that you can easily track and analyze the work of your power plant. In addition, our technicians can remotely check the equipment condition at any time and, if necessary, send a servicing team.

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