Дом с панелями
This is a grid-tied solar PV station tailored for personal electricity needs while also enabling the sale of excess power to the state at favorable 'green' tariff rates. The station operates without the need for batteries and functions seamlessly when connected to the main power grid.
  1. Reduces consumer utility costs

    The generated electricity is used for personal energy consumption.

  2. Allows earning from solar energy

    Excess generated electricity is directed to the grid and sold at the 'green' tariff.

Allows earning from solar energy. Excess generated electricity is directed to the grid and sold at the 'green' tariff.


How to get a calculation for your house – ask a quick and free roof measurement by our engineer.



The Power Station Brain has a primary role in converting direct current into alternating current and configuring the station's operational mode.

  • fronius
  • huawei
  • solar edge

These are the heart of the power station, absorbing sunlight and converting it into direct current electricity.

  • ja solar
  • longi solar
  • canadian solar
  • sunpower
  • jinco solar
  • qcells

Power Station Framework: We utilize structures made of anodized aluminum, ensuring strength for the next 20 years.


1 Acquaintance

Study - 3 days
  • Analyze the building's structural characteristics
  • Utilize drone technology for precise roof measurements
  • Create a comprehensive 3D model.
Calculate – 3 days
  • Develop a tailored solution for your residence
  • Carefully choose the necessary equipment
  • Prepare a detailed and comprehensive project description.

2 Installation

Coordinate - 10-45 days
  • Compile a comprehensive package of technical documentation
  • Expedite the approval process for the connection scheme with the electricity supplier.
Equipment Preparation – 3 days
  • Assemble and connect the necessary equipment
  • Submit the required documents and assist in the meter installation process with the electricity supplier.

3 Connection

Connect – 2 days
  • Connect the power station to the grid
  • Perform final testing.
"Feed-in tariff" – 22-35 days
  • Assist in negotiating the contract for selling the generated electricity to the grid between сlient and the electricity supplier.


Every year, we conduct a comprehensive inspection of the power station, assess module efficiency using a thermal imager, verify connections, and test the inverter's performance under various load conditions.

Our regular service maintenance enables us to provide an installation warranty of up to 10 years. Moreover, all equipment is backed by the manufacturer's official warranty.

We provide equipment with a smart monitoring system so that you can easily track and analyze the work of your power plant. In addition, our technicians can remotely check the equipment condition at any time and, if necessary, send a servicing team.

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