Solar power plant 20 kW


SES 20 kW is an option that is suitable for both home stations and small business facilities: office center, hotel, service station. But most often it is the home station. The price of a 20 kW solar power plant differs depending on the type of equipment, installation conditions. Its main advantage is compliance with the conditions of the "Green Tariff", which allows turning SPP into a source of stable passive income.

Solar station 20 kW - an effective solution for your own power supply with the possibility of additional income

A 20 kW solar station is recommended for use as a source of alternative energy supply for owners of private houses. The transition to green energy is seen not only as a modern eco-trend, but also as an option to replenish the family budget on an ongoing basis. The high power of the system, in comparison with low-power budget solutions, guarantees the same high profitability. To do this, solar power plants are connected to the Green Tariff program, setting it up for a network format of work.

Parameters and equipment of SES for 20 kW

A 20 kW solar power plant for most private households makes it possible to effectively cover their own energy consumption during daylight hours and to transfer part of the generated power at a “feed-in tariff” to a stationary power grid with a guarantee. The free roof area required for the installation of panels is about 125 squares. As a rule, the system is connected without the need to improve the existing backbone network due to the absence of unnecessary load on the electrical system.

Sunsay Energy specialists, after visiting the area and carrying out assessment activities, are preparing a design solution for a future solar station. The system, which is based on 20 kW solar panels, consists of the following positions:

  • Set of photovoltaic modules .
    Their final number depends on the rated power of one panel, the type of equipment.
  • Grid inverter .
    When choosing a specific model, they are guided by the final power of the system. Innovative solutions include an inverter with a built-in controller.
  • Cable products .
    The purpose of the components is to connect photomodules to the inverter and connect the inverter unit to a bidirectional meter.
  • DC and AC protection kit to avoid emergencies.
  • Bidirectional counter .
    With its help, the flows of incoming and outgoing power are monitored, the amount of electricity transmitted under the "Green Tariff" is fixed.
  • Metal frame for photomodules .
    Special fasteners are chosen for a specific type of roof, determining the optimal angle of inclination of the panels in relation to the horizon.

The final price for solar panels 20 kW depends on all the listed components, assessment of design, installation work, additional legal services. The average cost is about $16,000.

The output power of the finished system is not a fixed value. Its value is influenced by the temperature regime (seasonality), the level of solar radiation, the presence / absence of shading. The average annual output of solar power plants in the Kyiv region is 20,300 kW*year, for Dnepropetrovsk and Odessa regions, this value increases to 22,000 and 23,600 kW*year, respectively.

How SES 20 kW works

A grid solar station of 20 kW works in tandem with a stationary power grid according to the following principle:

  • PV modules absorb solar energy, generating DC voltage.
  • The inverter converts direct current into alternating current and transmits it to the home network to cover its own needs.
  • The excess energy generated by photomodules is transferred to the fixed network. The data is captured by a bidirectional counter.
  • At night, in bad weather conditions, electricity in a private household comes from the public power grid.
  • At the end of the month, the difference between the generated and consumed electricity is calculated. It is these kW that are subject to payment under the Green Tariff program.

In addition to the network option, 20 kW solar panels for feed-in tariff can be installed as a hybrid system. But such projects are of little demand because of their low profitability. For the operation of systems, the complete set is supplemented with rechargeable batteries, which significantly increase the final cost of the project. Such an investment is justified if emergency situations often occur in the operation of the main electrical network, there are constant voltage drops that lead to a malfunction of household appliances. A hybrid solar station in such conditions becomes an effective backup source of power supply for a fixed period of time.

The implementation of the solar station project with a capacity of 20 kW by Sunsay Energy specialists is carried out in stages in compliance with all technological requirements:

  1. Based on the analysis of the current energy consumption of the facility, the operating conditions of the future SES, a commercial proposal is being developed. The main document is the budget. At the same time, preliminary calculations of the expected performance and payback of the system are carried out.
  2. After agreement with the customer, the station equipment is purchased and delivered.
  3. Within the agreed timeframe, specialists assemble and connect the solar power plant, and a trial run is carried out.
  4. When connecting to the Green Tariff program, legal support is provided for the preparation of the necessary documentation and its coordination with government agencies.

From the moment the station is put into operation and throughout the entire period of its operation, Sunsay Energy provides high-quality service maintenance of the system, monitoring performance indicators in an online format for timely correction of deviations and troubleshooting. The payback period of SPP is about 4 years, after which the solar station becomes a source of net income for its owner.


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